"Seraphim Blueprint - The Power of Angel Healing," Ruth Rendely

Sydney, November 24th, 2007, Seraphim Blueprint: The Power of Angel Healing climbed to the top of Amazon.com's best-sellers lists two weeks ago. According to author Ruth Rendely, a former college lecturer, the system is attractive because people notice a release of stress and energy shifting in their bodies when the Seraph installs what Ruth calls "Angelic Downloads."

When Ruth first met this angel in 1994, he psychically told her that he wanted to revive an ancient healing system for modern use. On their second meeting, the angel demonstrated what he meant by transmitting healing energies into her body in six-minute installations. These energies immediately fixed minor pains, and left her exhilarated.

Having been a long-time meditator, she noticed how similar the energies felt to her meditation practice. This is when she decided to go ahead and work with the angel. Now she realizes that most people do not have time to meditate daily, and that the energies once installed in an individual do the same repair of the body that a daily meditation practice accomplishes.

This may be the key to the system's success.