Seraphic Tour of the Solar System


When Ruth channeled the Seraph she was informed that certain planetary energies used on a regular basis are beneficial to humans. The Seraph compares washing oneself with these energies to taking vitamins in order to enhance ones physical, emotional & spiritual abilities. The Seraph specifically selected the Sun and seven Planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto) resulting in eight classes. Each one starts with the students receiving a wash of the specific energy. After experiencing the energy an Initiation is facilitated that gives the students the ability to repeat the wash when desired. Once initiated, the students will also be able to facilitate these washes for others. The course also provides astrological & astronomical insights.

The planets of our solar system are constantly emitting a signal, particular to their energy pattern, that humanity needs to a greater or lesser degree depending upon one's personal astrology. Also these energies are somewhat blocked by negative thought-form accumulation surrounding our planet. The Seraphic Planetary Washes allow us to receive additional doses of such energies based upon our needs. It is like taking vitamins to rejuvenate our energies.